What type of pool appeals to you most?

What people look for in a pool varies a lot: some like it simple and straight – others crave a Mediterranean ambience and free forms. With us you are not restricted. Our large selection guarantees you will finding your pool of your dreams.

Family pool
A family swimming pool will inevitably become the centerpiece of your garden. Children love being in and around water and are able to joyfully spend their energy. 

Child-friendly family pool is characterized by an adapted shape with different depths, a deep side for jumping and maybe even a counter-current installation. 

The safety of a family pool can be ensured by means of simple measures. These include water wings and preferably our child- and animal-safe cover, which is recommended by the BFU.

The best safety precautions for your pool is a pool cover that protects not only your pool, but also prevents accidents involving children and pets.

Design pool
Do you value good design? In that case our wide range of basin types and equipment offers you great choice, in order to meet your high demands. 

An example of extreme beauty is the Infinity Pool (overflow swimming pool), which appears endless. The water disappears supposedly into nothing. Treat yourself to this epitome of luxury. 

Numerous attractions enhance your well-ness paradise and allow you a fuller bathing experience.  

High-quality built-in parts from renowned manufacturers meet the highest demands. The tailor-made water treatment perfectly complements your dream pool. Modularly expandable systems offer you the necessary flexibility. 

After construction, we are by your side for any questions you may have. On request, we also do all work that maybe needed before, during and after the swimming pool season. 

Ornamental pools creatively enhance public and semi-public areas. Maintenance is kept to a minimum through the correct installation of water circulation and water treatment. Participate in discussing the water aspect of the layout. We will help you with the apparatus behind the scenes.

For all types of equipment, influencing the assembly or even self-assembly are possible. Take control of your dream. 

Neueröffnung am 27.10. 10-17h in Uster

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