After a refurbishment, your pool is as good as new.

Over time, your pool starts ageing. Continuous monitoring and regular service can prevent major damage. 

Older structures that haven’t been in operation for a long time or that no longer function smoothly will be given a new shine through renovation. The pool returns to being a jewel in your garden and is inviting to bathe in. 

Thanks to our experience, we can refurbish any pool. Even if it wasn’t constructed by us. Installing a new liner, replacing the pool cover or renovating the filter system are part of the usual restoration work, which we offer quickly and cost- efficiently. We can advise you with pleasure at 061 766 60 00. 

After a modernization of the construction, the water treatment is up to date. The technology has made considerable progress in this area.

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Pool Gazette Wettbewerb 2019 - Gewinnerin

Wir gratulieren Rahel May.
Sie hat den Geschenkgutschein für den Baby- und Kinderschwimmkurs von "First Flow & Let's Swim" gewonnen.

Vom 24.12.-4.1.