Are you already a proud pool owner?

What can we still help you with? 

As a pool owner, you already enjoy bathing. 

However, with time you might have started to notice the ageing process of your pool. Or maybe new wishes have come along.  

With our 50 years of experience, we are familiar with all the types of setup that are in practice. That makes us the ideal partner for renovations or extensions of any kind. 

In addition, we also recommend our expertise for service and advice regarding water maintenance.

Pool Gazette

Unsere 2018ner Ausgabe schon gelesen? Wir freuen uns auch über Pool Gazette Bestellungen oder Feedback.

Wir gratulieren Carine Scherrer aus Basel, welche unseren Pool Gazette Wettbewerb gewonnen hat und wünschen ihr sowie ihrer Begleitung viel Freude beim Wellnessen im Sole Uno.