Turn your pool into a wellness paradise

Thanks to a custom-made, easily movable roof over your pool, enjoy warm water all year long. On request, in addition to the swimming pool, the terrace can also be covered and therefore well prepared for winter. Due to the greenhouse effect, the pool becomes a true wellness experience.

The roof also provides protection for children, pets and against dirt/leaves. This is also financially an excellent cover option. Save on energy costs thanks to its heat retention. Call now at 061 766 60 00 for a free consultation or order the informative documents here.

Pool Gazette

Unsere 2018ner Ausgabe schon gelesen? Wir freuen uns auch über Pool Gazette Bestellungen oder Feedback.

Wir gratulieren Carine Scherrer aus Basel, welche unseren Pool Gazette Wettbewerb gewonnen hat und wünschen ihr sowie ihrer Begleitung viel Freude beim Wellnessen im Sole Uno.

Zweite Poolprofi Filiale in der Region Zürich

Poolprofi eröffnet im Oktober einen zweiten Standort in Uster.
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