Wellness in perfection

Water, heating, whirl system: these are the three elements that interact together within a whirlpool.

The buoyancy force of the water causes the body to only feel 1/10 of its actual weight. The body tissue floats, joints are relieved, blood circulation is facilitated. 

The heating really gets the circulation going. This is important because our blood has the task of bringing oxygen, nutrients etc. to our cells. Only well-nourished cells are heathy resistant and able to grow. 

Whirl systems
Massage jets are directed specifically to cramped and bonded muscle and loosen it up, the tissue relaxes. The bubble system vibrates on the skin. As a result, the circulation beneath the skin is more than doubled after mere moments. Oxygen enters the skin through the pores. Thus, the oxygen level of the body is significantly improved. 

The result is a feeling of well-being and relaxation. To have this everyday – simply wonderful. 

We have a range of high-quality whirlpools that can be installed indoors or outdoors. There are different sizes to choose from as well as designs. 

We assure you years of enjoyment in our hot tubs. We also guarantee service at all times. 

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